Have you seen Erwin?

Erwin is a symbol for enviromental pollution. Its built from waste and threepwood that was found on the beach. Erwin II lives in Denmark at Nymindegab-Stranden and he exists of trash and threepwood that you can find on the beach. Things that people left at the beach or that the sea spilt out. Random people are visiting Erwin and begin to search for things that they can put on him. It´s nice to see how Erwin grows, but also how people have fun with collecting liter and keep the beach clean. Each one who puts something on Erwin should think of keeping our world a cleaner place. Not just on holidays.

Here are some Impressions of „Erwin II“:



What did you find for Erwin?

If you found something for Erwin you can send me a picture and I´ll post it here 🙂 >>> You can upload your picture here <<<

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  1. Jupp de supp

    So amazing!!!
    I love it!

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